DocuSign to iManage Integration

A method to leverage the security and convenience of the iManage Work DMS when working with DocuSign, the popular provider of electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services. End-users would have to export their documents to their workstation and then upload these files to the website; an error-prone and tedious procedure. With the Younts’ DocuSign integration utility, end-users can publish and check-in documents directly from DeskSite/FileSite; thus, creating a seamless and secure workflow which will enhance worker productivity and confidence in the integrity of their electronic collaborations.

Unique differentiators/features

Adds an extra option to the document right-click options in iManage. Allows user to directly publish a document/envelope to DocuSign. Once the envelope is completed, then the PDF version of the document and the DocuSign credential is imported back into iManage. Audit entries are added to the history of the original document to indicate that the document has been published and checked back in from DocuSign.

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Younts Consulting Inc

Younts Consulting Inc

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