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DocAuto's DocID products are the most reliable, safe, and powerful document identification tools available for Microsoft Word and iManage Work. DocAuto's DocID products ensure that document identification information is correct, up to date, and applied to every document created and saved in your system. DocID products also ensure that this information never damages existing document body, header, or footer content. DocID Enterprise™ provides all of the capabilities of DocID plus the ability to define any number of shared or personal DocID layouts. These layouts can be automatically applied on a document-by-document basis based on any combination of the document's metadata. Unique Differentiators/Features: Supports multiple ID layout definitions, including personal and/or shared layouts for centralized management Enables automatic ID layout selection based on any combination of metadata on a specific document, such as author-specific layouts, Client or Client and Matterspecific layouts, document class or subclass-specific layouts, and layouts for no DocID based on filing status, etc. Allows documents created or edited anywhere in your enterprise to have the correct ID layout at all times

Unique differentiators/features

Include any iManage metadata in the ID. ID will never damage existing content in the header footer, or body of the document. Powerful control of what pages and what sections should have or not have ID placement.

Licensing model:

Per User

Target Market:

iManage Users

iManage Solution:

8.x and 9.x

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