Comparing contracts and other legal documents for changes can be prone to error. Failure to see important changes, no matter how small, can have a big impact on your business. compareDocs lets you see every change instantly. compareDocs is the leading tool for comparing two documents for differences across all document types. compareDocs delivers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, catching every insertion, deletion, or move in every document—instantly.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Compare documents natively
    compareDocs doesn’t convert documents to a proprietary format before comparing. This results in a faster comparison and reduces the risk of document corruption while retaining document formatting and styles.
  • Compare anytime, anywhere, and on any device
    When a user selects 'compare with compareDocs,' the application automatically connects you to the desktop or cloud version based on the device you're using. Compare on the desktop, in iManage Cloud, on-the-go in iManage Mobility, and in the applications you use every day.
  • Output comparison reports with Track Changes
    Outputting comparison reports with Track Changes takes the process beyond reporting and lets users work more efficiently. It minimizes the chance of error and helps give bill-by-the-hour businesses a competitive edge. Make the comparison report the next working version of your document to see the difference.

Licensing model:

Perpetual, Subscription

Target Market:

Legal, Government, Financial Services, Corporations


Top 100 law firms, two of the 'big four' global accounting firms, EisnerAmper (US), Kaufman & Canoles, Pierce Atwood, Trend Micro, Dirkzwager (NL), Osborne Clarke (UK), Lexence (NL), Stibbe (BEL), Browne Jacobson LLP (UK)

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