Watchdog Module

The Watchdog Module™ for DocAuto Server lets you know what is happening in WorkSite as it happens. This module helps prevent content theft, checks for unauthorized use of intellectual property, and provides you with an instant notification of suspicious user activity at an organizational level. Watchdog Module continuously monitors all document activity within any number of WorkSite servers and databases. This Module reports on and takes action if a specific activity threshold is met, and can instantly notify any combination of users or distribution groups using SMTP or SMS notifications. Business rules can be easily incorporated into a Watchdog configuration using data from any external data source.

Unique differentiators/features

  • Monitor any WorkSite activities
  • Disable WorkSite user accounts if users exceed acceptable pre-defined activity thresholds
  • Monitor sensitive WorkSpaces, folders, and/or tabs for document activity
  • Build filtered notification rules based on data pulled from external data sources
  • Generate custom notifications to include detailed events, user, and document-by-document report data
  • Includes NRL links in notifications about documents affected by the event threshold

Licensing model:

Per User

Target Market:

All WorkSite Users

iManage Solution:

Works With WorkSite 8.X and 9.X

Product URL:

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