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Hirsch Roberts Weinstein needed a document management system with reliable uptime that allowed their users to work from anywhere. 


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  • Legacy DMS crashed frequently and made remote work impossible 


Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP (HRW) is a premier litigation, labor, and employment law firm based in Boston and serving organizations throughout the New England region. The firm represents a variety of businesses and institutions, including Fortune 500 companies, prominent universities, esteemed nonprofit institutions, and cutting-edge high-tech companies. Their proactive approach starts with counseling, training, and education specifically tailored to help each client understand and comply with the labor and employment laws applicable to its industry and workplace.


In 2018, HRW was experiencing recurrent issues with their on-premises legacy document management system (DMS). The indexer crashed frequently and support was difficult to get in contact with – sometimes taking days to weeks to get someone on the phone – and often failed to solve the problem. The on-premises solution also made it nearly impossible for anyone at the firm to work remotely. 

The firm knew something needed to change. 

"We knew we wanted to move to the cloud to make it easier to work remotely, improve security, and have the most up-to-date version." - Erin D. Reed, Managing Director, HRW.


After considering both the cloud version of their legacy system and a competitor product, HRW ultimately chose iManage based on compelling references from existing iManage customers, who praised the reliable, industry-leading uptime and performance of iManage Work in the cloud.


With iManage Work in the cloud, the firm's DMS was now updated automatically, keeping functionality up to date and consistent for all users. Remote work was also much easier, and HRW could rest assured that the security offered by iManage Work was keeping their documents safe. 

“We have a partner at the firm who’s very tech savvy and helped to convince the rest of the firm’s leadership that the cloud is the future. Since we moved to the cloud, those who needed convincing have come to see that he was right.” - Erin D. Reed, Managing Director, HRW.

Hirsch Roberts Weinstein Case Study

Hirsch Roberts Weinstein Case Study

Learn how Hirsch Roberts Weinstein upgraded to superior document management for enhanced performance, security, and ease of use from anywhere.

<strong>Erin D. Reed</strong>, Managing Director, Hirsch Roberts Weinstein

“iManage Work in the cloud has been a big improvement over our legacy system. The DMS is much more reliable and has made our lives easier. We’re glad we made the switch.”

Erin D. Reed, Managing Director, Hirsch Roberts Weinstein