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Burges Salmon Goes Live with iManage Knowledge Unlocked

 Easy access to valuable knowledge assets enables firm’s professionals to tap into the collective intelligence of the organisation wherever they work 

23 February 2023
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Tackling the taxing task of taxonomies

An industry-interview with Jack Shepherd published in Briefing Magazine discussing the need for a structured approach to data and knowledge sharing.

10 February 2023
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Newly Available App Seamlessly Connects iManage and Clio

HarakaConnect for iManage gives Clio customers smooth integration with industry-leading document management from iManage, increasing productivity.

09 February 2023
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Is knowledge management going to be taken over by the machines?

Alex Smith, global product lead at iManage, outlines why knowledge management may need to embrace more traditionally human superpowers in 2023 in Briefing Magazine.

30 January 2023
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Rethink the Tools You Use in the Hybrid Workplace

More than ever, successful collaboration requires a safe, mobile-enabled platform writes Dan Carmel for Legal Management Magazine.

27 January 2023
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Legal Tech's Predictions for Remote, Hybrid & Tech-Enabled Work A­r­r­a­n­g­e­m­e­n­t­s in 2023

Louise Matthews, Product Manager at iManage gives her predictions on the future of work in 2023.

18 January 2023
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Legal Tech's Predictions for C­y­b­e­r­s­e­c­u­r­i­t­y in 2023

Information Security and Compliance Specialist, Manuel Sanchez, is featured in a round-up of cybersecurity predictions for 2023 for

06 January 2023
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Predictions for Artificial I­n­t­e­l­l­i­g­e­n­c­e in 2023

Jack Lees gives his predictions on what we can expect from AI in 2023 for

03 January 2023
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Mastery in the Cloud Powers the Future of Work in the New Roaring 20s

Neil Araujo gives his predictions for the coming revolution in the future of work for Artificial Lawyer.

22 December 2022
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