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iManage Announces iManage AI, New AI Powered Search Across Its Platform coverage of the iManage AI announcement at ILTACON.

21 August 2023
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Are Financial Services Firms Ready to Start Using Generative AI?

Is the Financial Services Industry Ready to Embrace Generative AI? Alex Smith, Global Product Lead for Knowledge, Search, and AI at iManage explores for Finance Derivative.

08 August 2023
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Why cloud adoption is key to embracing generative AI

Jan Van Hoecke, Head of Data Science at iManage, argues that cloud adoption matters more than you might think.

31 July 2023
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What Are the Practical Use Cases for Generative AI in Legal?

iManage’s Head of Data Science, Jan Van Hoecke, expands below on what generative AI is and what it can accomplish for the legal sector.

19 July 2023
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Podcast: Should You Phish In Your Own Pond?

Are controlled phishing campaigns against your members the best way to keep your respective firm secure from phishing? This podcast session will look at phishing simulation tools, their overall pros/cons, and alternatives available to keep your members secure from getting hooked with that phish.

27 June 2023
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Leadership, growth and p­r­o­f­i­t­a­b­i­l­i­t­y in a post-pandemic era explored in new report

Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Lydia Flocchini, the Chief Marketing Officer at SurePoint Technologies, Debbie Foster, the CEO at Affinity Consulting, and Laura Wenzel, the Global Director of Product Marketing at iManage.

26 June 2023
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Negotiating change: Taking your business to the next level

Neil Araujo, CEO and Founder of iManage, says change is non-negotiable in the tech industry – and that standing still is the precursor to falling apart.

17 June 2023
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Control of Generative AI is the Only Way to Unlock Its True Benefits 

Is there a way to impose generative AI control systems?

16 June 2023
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The biggest impediments to user adoption of enterprise technology

Senior Director of Customer Adoption Brian Jones, explore the impediments of successful enterprise adoption and how to overcome them. 

21 May 2023
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