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Talking tech

Caroline Hill talks to iManage’s CEO Neil Araujo about the integration of RAVN Systems, a year on from its acquisition.

05 July 2018
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How to make your digitally savvy lawyer happy (and productive)

Today’s digitally savvy lawyers have high expectations when it comes to the software applications they use.

26 June 2018
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How to avoid socially engineered email attacks

In plane, train, and automobile crashes, human error is often the cause because technology is more fool-proof.

18 June 2018
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'Nigerian prince' email scam 2.0

Lawyers at Owens, Schine & Nicola thought they had an easy collections matter to resolve.

15 June 2018
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Osborne Clarke reports 15% UK revenue increase with tech highlighted as a key priority

Osborne Clarke has reported a 15% UK revenue increase and 14% internationally, as its cites investment in technology as a key strategic priority.

08 June 2018
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Modern productive

Today's modern professionals demand easy-to-use, productivity enhancing tools that support new ways of working.

06 June 2018
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Reconciling need-to-know security with successful knowledge management

Recently publicized security breaches have kept cybersecurity at the top of the priority list for many law firms.

30 May 2018
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It's embed time

Peter Wallqvist, vice president of strategy at iManage, says maximise the full value of your data with an embedded AI strategy.

15 May 2018
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iManage used to be where you stored your files. Now it’s where your files work for you.

The classic document management company has evolved into a cutting-edge knowledge management platform.

08 May 2018
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