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Gartner® report: How to build a cloud business case that gets funded

In this report, Gartner offers a proven method and downloadable templates for building cloud business cases that command executive attention and get the funding you deserve.

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Conflict checks for law firms: Adopting a system that can evolve with you

Learn how law firms can implement a solution to streamline and automate as many tasks as possible within the conflict searching and analysis process.

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How to craft and communicate security policy in your o­r­g­a­n­i­z­a­t­i­o­n

In this white paper you'll learn about developing effective security policies and ways to enlist everyone in the strategic imperative to build and maintain a strong security culture across your organization.

White paper

Overcoming stakeholder objections when moving your DMS to the cloud

Download this white paper by Deep Analysis (which includes a practical checklist to get you started on assessing your cloud readiness!) to see how your firm can overcome objections to cloud migration. 


Security culture best practices

A well-implemented security system is more than a technology solution. Making good security second nature requires convenient, efficient security practices every day. Learn more in our eBook. 

Webinar: On demand

Harnessing the power of your legal team’s collective i­n­t­e­l­l­i­g­e­n­c­e

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring experts from Microsoft and iManage to explore how your legal team or firm can make knowledge sharing more efficient, inclusive, and actionable.


7 key factors for a legal transaction management (LTM) solution

When you close the old, manual way, you’re leaving too much up to chance. See how an investment in a legal transaction management tool can enable your firm to keep up with client demand and reduce the risk of errors.

Webinar: On demand

A law firm's guide to emerging legal tech trends

A recent survey by and iManage asked attorneys about their firm’s legal technology strategies and investments. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how emerging legal tech trends affect both lawyers and the clients they serve.


Best practices for Microsoft Teams: Secure, productive c­o­l­l­a­b­o­r­a­t­i­o­n in the new world of hybrid work

Extracting the full value of Teams while maintaining consistent governance and protection takes thinking and planning. Learn how your organization can apply best practices to shorten your time to success. 

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