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Gartner® Report: Target business outcomes to advance your legal tech strategy

To advance your legal tech strategy, focus on your desired business outcomes. Learn more in a new report from Gartner.


The future of work is better together: How to deliver the modern workplace

Succeeding in our current environment of economic uncertainties, pandemic-driven realities, and fierce competition for talent requires embracing a truly modern workplace. Learn how your organization can get ahead in our new eBook. 

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Conflict checks for law firms

Learn how to protect your law firm in an age of complex corporate relationships, multiple regulations, and high volumes of data.

Ebook and iManage survey attorneys about legal technology usage and investments and iManage surveyed attorneys across a range of law firms to gain a holistic view of the legal technology landscape.

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Buyers Guide for Legal Operations: Contract, Automation & Engagement Management

Legal Tech Publishing provides a free guide for legal operations professionals to help them select the right technology for contract, automation, and engagement management.

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Slash non-billable hours and risk with a little technology

In a changing world of work, it’s time for law firms to rethink old processes and common administrative tasks. Learn how your firm can reduce non-billable hours in a report from Deep Analysis.


Best practices for law firms i­m­p­l­e­m­e­n­t­i­n­g Microsoft Teams

Teams has proven invaluable for many law firms, but it’s important to be thoughtful when implementing it at your organization for the best results.


iManage Work Mobility for iOS

The iManage Mobility App enables users to be productive from anywhere, with a consistent user experience to iManage Work 10.


Achieving better outcomes together

Creating a modern workplace with iManage and Microsoft is achievable for all organizations that handle high-value documentation — making knowledge work to achieve better business outcomes. 

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