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3 Lessons Learned from Email for Firms Adopting Microsoft Teams

Whether your firm plans to return to the office full- or part-time in the future, digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are here to stay. Although Teams has proven invaluable for many organizations, it’s important to be thoughtful when implementing it at your firm to achieve the best results.


Why On-Premises IT Is Riskier Than the Cloud | Deep Analysis

Moving to the cloud may come with some risks, but this new research, from analysts firm Deep Analysis, reveals that staying on-premise might be riskier. 


The Content Advisory: Technology Adoption Best Practice

Organizations face continual pressure to acquire and implement new technologies in the name of digital transformation and business process optimization. And with every new tool they face a challenge that stands in the way of the technology truly making an impact; user adoption. This paper by The Content Advisory steps you through how to be successful. 

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Closing the Deal. Differently

In this video series, we share the candid experiences of five M&A lawyers on what goes on behind the scenes when closing transactions. From creating the checklist to signature compilation and generating the closing books — how it is done … and what can go wrong?


FT Innovative Lawyers Report - Asia-Pacific 2021

A special report on the most future-ready law firms in Asia-Pacific in 2021, plus articles featuring hot topics for lawyers today, including crypto, cross-border deals at a time of tariff wars, and Covid-19.


Closing Folders Solutions Brief

iManage Closing Folders automates the repetitive, often tedious tasks when closing deals, from creating checklists and managing versions to capturing signatures and creating final closing books.


Zero Trust Whitepaper

Zero Trust is a modern security framework built for today's workplace and the threats that it can pose. This whitepaper describes this approach and how it's embedded into the iManage platform.  



Making Knowledge Work Infographic

Are you looking to understand what makes knowledge work? Our infographic provides a digest of the state of knowledge work, the shifts knowledge work is going through and the high value placed upon knowledge as a catalyst for business growth – giving those that make it work a competitive edge.


7 Strategies for Innovative Lawyers

Brought together by the Financial Times and RSG Consulting, a group of innovative US law firms and in-house legal leaders share their steps to innovation.

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