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7 Strategies for Innovative Lawyers

Brought together by the Financial Times and RSG Consulting, a group of innovative US law firms and in-house legal leaders share their steps to innovation.

26 April 2021
Webinar: On demand

Webinar: C­o­l­l­a­b­o­r­a­t­i­o­n is the New Innovation

This free on-demand webinar - with knowledge management experts from both law firms and legal departments - focuses on how practitioners can design impactful knowledge management strategies, implement the right processes and choose the right technology to support them. 

24 April 2021

Paths to Greater Knowledge - The Briefing

This report published by The Briefing discusses what are law firm knowledge leaders prioritizing in 2021? And, what steps they are taking to encourage and capture virtual watercooler exchanges and manage the explosion in new online content?

15 April 2021

Modern document management - how law departments can work smarter

This white paper details how legal departments can benefit from modern document management

30 March 2021

Making Knowledge Work Research Paper

An independent research study, conducted in partnership with global B2B marketing agency Metia Group, explores how to make knowledge work and how it gives businesses the edge.

29 March 2021
Webinar: On demand

Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study Webinar

Learn how to build the business case for modern document management​ in this informative webinar with Mary Anne North of
Forrester​​ and Dan Carmel our Chief Product Officer.

25 March 2021

Closing the Deal

A complete guide to legal transaction management (LTM) for legal professionals looking to improve their deal process.

23 March 2021
Webinar: On demand

Data governance in the Microsoft Teams era

View this webinar to hear from experts from iManage, SeeUnity, and Prosperoware and learn how integration tools can help to gain efficiency and develop improved workflows.

11 February 2021
Webinar: On demand

Legal tech: turn your reluctant users into power users

Join Brian Jones, Senior Director, Customer Adoption at iManage, sharing insights gained from his 20+ years of experience in legal tech.

11 February 2021
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