Knowledge Unlocked: 7 New Ways to Search

Knowledge Unlocked, powered by the RAVN Knowledge Graph™, integrates
with iManage Work & provides 7 new ways to search across Work and external
systems. Knowledge Unlocked adds machine learning to the iManage platform
and enables users to go beyond simple full text searching to discover new
content and insights, identify similar matters or motions, highlight relevant
content and provide updated intelligence on legal principles while respecting
security, confidentiality and privileged access that is so important to the industry.
Knowledge Unlocked provides the foundation for knowledge sharing and re-use
across the enterprise ensuring teams advance their own knowledge to provide
higher quality responses, leverage expertise in every answer, focus on high
quality legal analysis and make informed decisions that ultimately provide high
quality service.

The iManage Knowledge Unlocked user interface makes it easy to find information
with dedicated search tabs and rich faceting for further refinement

Re-inventing the wheel is costly for the business. Knowledge Unlocked, powered
by the RAVN Knowledge Graph™, is designed to enable reuse and leverage the
collective knowledge so teams can make informed decisions and provide high
quality service consistently and effectively. Knowledge Unlocked delivers on this
ability and provides 7 new ways to search:

1. Search & Find

Leverage collective knowledge, drive reuse and uncover insights with Knowledge
Search that facilitates sharing and makes it easy to find information. Enables
rich search with features such as personalized search with the ability to control
relevancy of results, dynamic search that provides relevant, contextual results as
the user is entering text, preview keyword highlighting and heatmaps for further

Knowledge Graph™ analyzes underlying connections between people and content to identify experts within the organization

2. Expert Locator

Identify Experts and make connections between experts and related documents using machine learning to analyze content and activities in Work 10. With the Knowledge Graph™ quickly uncover additional connections and insights and connect matters to billed time or biographical data integrating with external systems, such as an AD or ERP.

3. Matter Locator

Discover similar matter to the one you are working on and reuse the relevant content from that matter whether that is contracts, billing profiles or experts who worked on that matter. Documents are ranked by relevance based on the knowledge search ensuring most relevant items are presented at the top. Supports an admin dashboard to adjust relevancy parameters or to change the default view.

4. Knowledge Locator

Assemble a collection of best practices that enable attorneys of all types to find recommended content including draft templates, process documents, checklists, examples of motions, or up to date legal principles. Enables attorneys drafting documents to use, find and reference a firm’s best practice.

5. Clause Locator

Build a customized search experience that makes it easy for users to search and identify best practice clauses during the drafting process. Enables access to unlimited and hierarchical facets and filters that users can use to drill deeper into the clause bank driving consistency and high quality.

6. Deal Locator

Build a customized search experience that makes it easy for users to search for and across your deal documents, binders, closing books or bibles. Enables visibility to business metrics as it relates to matter and clients. Creates a deal library in Work by tagging documents in a knowledge folder.

7. Recommendations*

Quickly find relevant and contextual information based on the workspaces you have access to, the people you work with and what you search for making it easy to stay current with what is happening across your teams and access the content that can help you get your job done faster.

*available for beta testing

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  • Knowledge Graph™ – visualize
    and explore relationships between
    content, concepts and people to
    uncover hidden experts, similar
    matters and best practice content
  • Flexible display templates – tailor
    the user search experience to align
    with corporate guidelines using the
    template functionality
  • Knowledge Profiles – transform
    the content in Work into searchable
    knowledge topics with pre-configured
    out of the box folder and metadata
  • Customizable ranking algorithm
    supports modification of algorithm
    rankings to optimize results based on
  • Extensible Connectors – connect to
    external systems using Pipeline, a data
    connectivity layer that makes it easy to
    connect to multiple disparate systems
    and data repositories
  • Tailored Relevancy & Boosting
    – relevancy and boosting can be
    adjusted to suit your needs
  • Security & Ethical Wall Integration
    – designed and tested to perform and
    scale in even the most complex of
    security environments