OCR Software For Legal Documents

Improving contract management with searchable image documents

The Challenge—Hidden Content

  • Professional organizations today report that up to 20% of the documents, contracts and attachments stored in their work product management system are unsearchable because they lack a full text index. These “hidden documents” are becoming a greater part of your overall information under management for several reasons:
  • Most final content still starts as paper. Signed versions of legal documents, final agreements, court provided documents, evidence and discovery all produce TIFF or image PDF attachments from the counter party.
  • Many organizations receive image files (TIFF, JPG) as email attachments that are filed into iManage work, but do not have a full text index.
  • In contentious cases, opposing counsel has been known to send key relevant documents, stripped of their text content leaving only images humans can read making it difficult to find in an electronic file.
  • More and more, as users capture images of paper by “scanning” them with their mobile devices, OCR is not included, leaving these documents invisible to full text search.

As the volume of “hidden documents” grows, user frustration increases as key documents can no longer be “found.” Important firm knowledge is lost and unavailable for reuse and confidence in the system decreases.

iManage Work OCR – Scanning and indexing software

iManage Work OCR unlocks your most valuable content assets by making image documents searchable. iManage Work OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an optional module available for iManage Work.

iManage Work OCR inspects each new document as it is brought into the system, regardless of how it is captured, and attempts to extract text and add a searchable index to that document, if one is not already available. In addition, the OCR module scans all documents in your libraries to identify documents filed previously that do not have entries in the full text index and makes appropriate entries. In doing so, the OCR module provides a complete go-forward-go-backward indexing solution to making all content stored in iManage Work “findable.”

Improve professional productivity and reduce firm risk

By making 100% of firm work product searchable, you improve the chances and percentage of work than can be easily found and reused, improving productivity. Making content fully indexable reduces the risk of noncompliance and e-discovery costs.

Address user frustrations with search

iManage Work OCR eliminates complaints about documents that cannot be found. The technology improves user satisfaction with search, by making sure every document is fully available to be indexed, searched and found.

Maintain the integrity of the original documents

iManage Work OCR offers the choice of simply indexing the images or generating a new PDF with text index to preserve the original content in its original form.

Convert embedded content

Deeply embedded images or unsearchable documents will be uncovered by iManage Work OCR because it unwraps emails with attachments which may be zipped or nested within email chains.

Easy to implement-not taxing on current infrastructure

iManage Work OCR extends your existing iManage Work indexer infrastructure. You can re-use your investment in full text search for iManage Work.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage Work Product Management is available in the iManage Cloud, the first and only cloud service to bring proven technology relied upon by Internet leaders such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to the professional community for document and email management.

Cloud users benefit with continuous upgrades, zero downtime for maintenance, extensive scalability and sustainable performance from anywhere, integrated analytics to intelligently monitor and protect all data from unauthorized or malicious access, and data encryption for data at rest and in motion using customer managed encryption keys.

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  • Enable search across all work product no matter how it is captured
  • Improve professional productivity and reduce firm risk
  • Address user frustrations with search
  • Maintain integrity of the original documents
  • Converts content embedded in email attachments and compressed files
  • Easy to implement-not taxing on current infrastructure



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