iManage Work Mobility Modules

Anywhere, anytime mobile access

With the advent of ubiquitous internet access and powerful smart phones, client expectations have evolved. Today’s professionals need to be responsive to client needs no matter where they are. Whether commuting, out at lunch, or in a meeting, the ability of your professionals to intelligently advance key engagements or respond to client inquiries with the most current information is a foundation of enhanced client services.

Taking a laptop everywhere is not the solution for busy professionals. Neither is using remote desktop access, which is frustrating to access, often slower, and clumsy to use on small mobile screens — which can ultimately contribute to professionals going “rogue” using consumer or unsanctioned applications for mobile access — a risky and unproductive outcome.

iManage Work Mobility Modules

iManage Work offers mobile solutions that enable busy professionals to access their most current work product from iOS, Android, Windows or other mobile devices.

iManage Work Mobility for iOS is a native iOS app for iPhone and iPad that enables professionals to view filed documents and emails, file newly received emails, respond to emails and even edit documents in MS Word, enabling a completely functional and secure user experience with the native iOS functionality, look and feel.

iManage Work Mobility Module is a mobile browser-based application that enables Android, Windows, Blackberry and other mobile users to browse, search, preview and email content or links to their internal or external collaborators.

Professionals can access their work product securely from within a native
iOS application, meeting clients’ needs and reducing risk for the firm.

Improve attorney productivity and enhance client services

Effective mobile apps turn what would be downtime into productive time. Access to current information empowers professionals to respond to clients in a timely way with confidence.

True mobile experience delivers productivity and adoption

The functionality and native mobile experience of iManage Work Mobility means that professionals are productive and less likely to use rogue apps that increase firm risk.

Work when connected—and not

The iManage Work Mobility for iOS app automatically keeps recently accessed content in a local briefcase, which allow users to review work product when disconnected on a flight or in a remote location.

Work product in the briefcase is refreshed with a single tap when back online, ensuring all information is up to date with the latest versions of all engagement files.

Integrated with Mobile Device Management

iManage Work Mobility for iOS is integrated with key MDM (Mobile Device Management) technologies allowing IT teams to exercise granular control over the app and devices where information related to engagement reside.

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  • Improve attorney productivity and enhance client services
  • True mobile experience delivers productivity and adoption
  • Work when connected—and not
  • Integrated with Mobile Device Management



Document + Email Management

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

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  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis
  • iManage Classify: Intelligent categorization of large volumes of business data

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