iManage Share

Fast, easy, and secure collaboration

Delivering the highest quality work requires collaborating and sharing content with colleagues and stakeholders both inside and outside your organization. With the proliferation of consumer file sharing, professionals are now increasingly using these applications, often without firm approval, to share files with external parties. Whether sanctioned or not, these solutions create data governance and security challenges. Why? Because governance policies, access control and audit trails must be replicated and maintained between systems, even when users switch between interfaces and copy files among systems—all of which wastes time. The challenge is to provide professionals with a file sharing solution that is as easy to use as these consumer applications and satisfies your organization’s data governance and security needs, while integrating seamlessly into the workflow so that you enhance rather than hamper user productivity.

iManage Share workspaces appear as blue folders inside existing iManage Work
project file structures, making content publishing to these branded cloud workspaces
a simple drag-and-drop action.

iManage Share is the first and only solution to fully integrate professional work product management and secure file sharing. With iManage Share, professionals can provision a new sharing site, upload scrubbed and secured content and start collaborating with external parties—with a single click. iManage Share makes it simple to share files by suggesting whom to include in collaborations based on email analysis. What’s more, professionals can do all this through the same familiar iManage Work interfaces they use every day. And clients and external parties can add or edit content through a consumer-like web application. The result? Professionals are more productive, while your organization’s data governance and security needs.

Seamlessly integrate with iManage Work and other professional office applications

iManage Share extends iManage Work projects to include secure, cloud-based workspaces. Setup is automated, so professionals can begin collaborating instantly. Cloud collaboration workspaces appear as blue folders inside projects, preserving the integrated view of a project across the cloud and iManage Work. Files can be added to cloud workspaces by simply dragging and dropping them inside iManage Work. iManage Share automatically suggests when to send a large attachment as a secure sharing link, reducing the load on your email infrastructure. And with fully integrated third-party document comparison tools, you can easily compare content in iManage Work with content in iManage Share with just a single click.

Governance and security meets ease-of-use

iManage Share provides industry-leading security to protect your client’s files.

  • Multi-level file encryption protects the privacy of content at rest
  • Data in transit is encrypted to the most stringent industry standards
  • iManage Share is hosted in iManage Cloud SOC2-certified and ISO 27000 compliant data centers which provide a level of security and monitoring typically not achievable at smaller organizations.

A full audit trail of all actions and comprehensive administrative reporting support regulatory and firm governance and audit requirements.

Provision users quickly and easily—and scale as your needs grow

Because iManage Share is a cloud-based service, getting started is quick and easy. Simply point your iManage Work server to the iManage Share service and apply a lightweight extension to your iManage Work clients. Any user with an iManage Share account can then create an extranet folder with a single click. Thanks to integration with Microsoft Active Directory, you can also provision — and automatically keep up to date — all of your professionals on iManage Share. You can even apply your own company branding. And with flexible pricing, you can start small and grow as needed to meet client demands.

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  • Share directly from iManage Work: Share, edit and collaborate on work product in a single interface.
  • Share files from your Outlook email: Share files as secure links directly from Outlook.
  • Work smarter and faster: Automatically create new workspaces and add collaborators. Automate tasks like metadata scrubbing and file uploads.
  • Secure firm-branded web portal in a snap: Give your client access to their documents from a single responsive interface on phone, tablet or desktop, branded with your firm logo.
  • Collaborate on the go: Share and securely collaborate with customers from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Know what is shared and with whom: Secure and governed-shared workspace inherits security from the project in iManage Work. Full audit trail and supervisory reporting.

Document + Email Management

  • iManage Work: Secure document and email management
  • iManage Share: Secure, governed file sharing and collaboration
  • iManage Drive: Easy-to-use interface to iManage Work