iManage Security Policy Manager

Manage global security policies and ethical walls at scale

In today’s world of relentless cyberattacks on law firms and other professional service firms, clients are demanding that more care is taken with their confidential materials. Even with regular user training in spear phishing tricks and other steps taken to secure the perimeter, the likelihood of a breach remains high.
Securing sensitive content on a need-to-know basis and segmenting other content appropriately within the firm are critical parts of any strategy to limit the exposure and reputational damage that a breach can bring. A new approach to data security is needed and requires software that can handle the volume and complexity of security policies.

iManage Security Policy Manager

iManage Security Policy Manager is a complete confidentiality solution, delivering need-to know access to sensitive client material regardless of location or ethical walls and barriers that enforce separation for lateral hires, new clients or mergers. Security Policy Manager delivers data protection at scale to meet today’s increasing client demands, without impacting organization productivity or inconveniencing professional by getting in the way of how they want to work.

iManage Security Policy Matter dashboards provide easy-to-use top-level
views of security settings, by client or matter

Instant protection with no-refiling or re-indexing of Work content

A tight and unique integration with iManage Work ensures that security policies can be instantly established, adjusted and ultimately removed, all without costly access control cascades, document re-files or content re-indexing of the iManage Work workspace. This ensures there is no performance impact to Work end users or delays in new documents appearing in search results, even for the largest of workspaces.

Secure sensitive data to those who need-to-know

Clients are increasingly demanding that access to their matters is restricted to the team that is working on them. With iManage Security Policy Manager, it is easy to enforce this, through assignment of policy to the client or individual matters. Responsibility for maintaining access can be left with the IT service desk or handed to the client, matter owner or their delegates. A range of options allow the required level of self-service access to be provided including, automatic time limit to ensure urgent requests can be resolved out of hours and access-after-approval by existing team members or the responsible attorney when access must be tightly controlled. All changes are fully audited.

Easily respond to increasing client demands that restrict project access
to teams that is working on them.

Modern intuitive user experience

A modern responsive user interface ensures that security policies can be managed and reviewed on computers, tablets and phones. Security policies are clearly indicated in iManage Work and Records Manager client screens, making it easy to see who does and who does not have access. Role-based dashboards enable administrators, client owners and users to view information that is pertinent to them.

Multiple security policy types

Policy types include restricted (need-to-know) access, opposing client/matter segregation and conflicted user exclusions.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage Security Policy is available in the iManage Cloud, the first and only cloud service to bring proven technology relied upon by Internet leaders such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to the legal/ professional community for document and email management. Cloud users benefit with continuous upgrades, zero downtime for maintenance, extensive scalability and sustainable performance from anywhere, integrated analytics to intelligently monitor and protect all data from unauthorized or malicious access, and data encryption for data at rest and in motion using customer managed encryption keys.

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Key Benefits

  • Implement need-to-know security
    and ethical walls at scale: Comprehensive solution meets client confidentiality demands, firm security concerns and regulatory requirements, while addressing ethical matters arising from lateral hires, new clients and firm mergers without impact to system performance or user productivity
  • Quickly respond to client and regulatory audits: Visual timelines and dashboards with extensive audit capabilities and advanced security enforcement allow you to meet the most rigorous security audit
  • Manage security policies from anywhere: Intuitive, role-based UI design runs on any browser or device enabling you to stay productive on the go


  • iManage Work
  • iManage Records Manager
  • Network file shares
  • Time entry systems
  • Agent framework is available for third party integrators


Document + Email Management

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

  • iManage Extract: Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets
  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis
  • iManage Classify: Intelligent categorization of large volumes of business data

Security + Information Governance