iManage Records Manager

Governance for physical and electronic records

As communications and email volumes grow, and the forms of information professionals work with multiply (text messages, voicemail, social media), organizations face significant challenges for effectively managing records across the enterprise. How professional services firms manage and secure physical and electronic assets is critical for compliance and business success.

iManage Records Manager is the industry-leading records management application used by over 600,000 professionals to manage both electronic and physical records on any device and from anywhere. A modern web-based interface delivers governance and legal hold capabilities for a variety of physical and electronic assets including physical files, electronic documents, and emails, ensuring information is retained based on organization retention polices and then disposed when it reaches end of life.

Single user experience across devices improves productivity and increases adoption.

Seamless integration with iManage Work delivers a fully integrated and consistent user experience and a full-featured API enables integration with other systems to further extend iManage Records Manager capabilities. The central policy engine governs physical records — in offices, filerooms, and offsite warehouse locations — and electronic records in iManage Work or other systems such as Windows file shares. Improve organization efficiency, ensure compliance and manage risk, by harnessing the power of iManage Records Manager.

Centrally apply retention policies to both physical and electronic content

iManage Records Manager enables administrators to set, monitor, and enforce records governance policies centrally (including trigger events, retention periods, and disposition rules). These policies are applied consistently to electronic content in iManage Work and other systems and physical content offsite warehouse locations and inside the firm. Policy disposition instructions are linked to individual records and a single status view is provided of electronic and physical activity and audit history.

Seamless and unique integration with iManage Work

iManage Records Manager integrates into iManage Work and delivers a seamless user experience for end users, central management of policies for records managers and records clerks and consistent governance of electronic and physical content via one central set of policies.

Automatic declaration of records and assignment of retention policies improve user adoption

Busy professionals do not have time to become records managers. iManage Work, together with iManage Records Manager, streamlines capture, classification and security by allowing users to continue to file documents as normal with appropriate retention policies being applied automatically. There is no need to declare a document as a record for it to be managed.

Single user interface for electronic and physical content

Visual dashboards provide clear visibility into system status

Role-specific dashboards, governed by security, enable records staff to review and understand key metrics for the system and where bottlenecks are occurring. Dashboard metrics are fully customizable, allowing records managers to select and position metrics that are focused on their own specific area of responsibility. Metric charts support click through, ensuring that the detail behind can be inspected and action taken where needed.

Market leading physical records management capabilities reduce TCO

Records Manager’s market-leading physical records management capabilities reduce organizational costs and streamline business processes. Features include:

  • Fully configurable hierarchical location types including cities, buildings, offices, file rooms, zones, racks, shelves and specific locations.
  • Track circulating items using barcodes and RFID tags.
  • Communicate with your offsite storage vendor directly from within iManage Records Manager.
  • Built-in integration with electronic records management.

Automatic Disposition Workflows mitigate organization risks

iManage Records Manager Automatic Disposition Workflow module provides an easy way to automate and track the end-to-end process by which content eligible for disposition is managed. Multiple out-of-the-box workflows allow firms to choose the appropriate single or multi-approver process that best meets their needs.

Summary emails for each review task are sent to designated approvers, and a webpage link displays all matters, physical files, iManage Work and file share content eligible for disposition. Reviewers can view items in conjunction with their key metadata values and can delete or not approve them at the matter, workspace, folder or document level.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage Records Manager is available in the iManage Cloud, managing electronic content stored on-premises and/or in the cloud.

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  • Management and control all records from a single policy: Eliminate the need to define policies separately in your document and records management systems
  • Seamless integration with iManage Work: Automatically declare iManage Work content as records; benefit from a single user interface; dispose electronic content in line with physical records
  • Intuitive Disposition Processing Workflow: Easily automate and manage the end-to-end processing of content that is eligible for disposition
  • Persona-based dashboards: Clear presentation of key metrics for records managers, records clerks and end users


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