iManage Records Manager – Disposition Workflow

Automate your disposition processing workflow

It is important for every professional service firm to have an established records retention policy that provides for the retention and destruction of documents and other records maintained by the firm, both electronic and physical. Over-saving records, storing them indefinitely or simply longer than needed, can create unnecessary risk, cost and challenges.

  • Risks include the potential for cyber criminals to access and steal sensitive content that should have been disposed.
  • Costs include those related to the storage and maintenance of unnecessary records, either at an offsite storage vendor or in-house.
  • Challenges include the additional information that must be checked in the event of a legal dispute that requires relevant material to be located and produced.

Having a records retention policy is important but it is critical that the firm operates the policy, reviews content that is a candidate for disposition and disposes approved items. The review process typically involves responsible attorneys with knowledge of the content and/or records management staff who ensure the process is run in line with the policy.

The Disposition Workflow add-on component for iManage Records Manager provides professional service firms with an easy and intuitive way to automate and track the end-to-end process by which content that is eligible for disposition is handled. The component enables firms to operate their records retention policy and reduce the risks, costs and challenges from over retention.

Multiple out-of-the-box workflows allow firms to choose the appropriate single or multi-approver process that best meets their firm’s needs.

Summary emails for each review task are sent to designated approvers (for example the responsible attorney) with a link that takes the approver to a web page where a personalized summary of items is given plus a list of all matters, workspaces, electronic folders, electronic documents that have been declared records, and physical media that are eligible for disposition. All items can then be reviewed along with their key metadata values and either approved or not approved at the matter, workspace, folder or document level.

The frequency by which items that are eligible for disposition are actioned is configurable, allowing the review process to be initiated and review tasks sent out as often as the professional service firm requires.

Review tasks can be transferred if the designated approver is out of office or has left the firm. Automatic email reminders and central monitoring helps ensure review tasks are completed in a timely fashion.

The list of items in a review task and their key metadata can be exported to Microsoft Excel if required, allowing detailed inspection of the items.

Once all reviews have been completed, content that was approved for disposition is disposed automatically.

Summary emails for each review task are sent to designated approvers.

All items can be reviewed and either approved or not approved at the matter,
workspace, folder or document level.

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  • Electronic review and approval
  • Email notification with reminders for overdue reviews
  • Multiple out of the box workflow options
  • Approval at matter, workspace, folder or document level
  • Progress tracking and monitoring


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