iManage RAVN Insight

Find information, discover knowledge and leverage experts

To increase competitive advantage and deliver great client work, organizations are looking at innovative ways to unlock knowledge contained inside their enterprise content. Many, however, struggle with how to search data from disparate systems and make it easy for users to find relevant information and make better decisions. Knowledge managers today are being challenged to not only identify and manage knowledge assets but to go further by making best practice documents and clauses available for easy re-use and identifying internal experts for further consultation.

iManage RAVN Insight takes enterprise search and knowledge management to the next level. Using RAVN AI technology, Insight enables universal search to identify information buried in disparate systems regardless of location. With Insight, users can automatically map search results to a defined taxonomy and use Insight’s Knowledge Graph™ to surface connections between people, expertise and knowledge to identify hidden experts, related projects and relevant clients. Insight goes beyond enterprise search and can be used to build knowledge applications that solve high ROI problems across the enterprise.

iManage RAVN Insight world-class user interface easily finds information in context and relevant to you, regardless of location

Quickly find relevant information across disparate systems inside and outside the organization

iManage RAVN Insight includes iManage Pipeline, a robust connector framework and data transformation module, enabling you to easily set up and manage connections to disparate data sources, reducing the need for expensive technical resources. Once connected, a single search finds information across systems including iManage Work, Microsoft SharePoint, local and shared file systems, third-party websites, instant messages and social media.

Harnessing the RAVN AI engine, Insight utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to better understand search queries and entities. Insight’s type ahead functionality goes beyond standard search by matching on items, experts and scope. The visual query builder enables users to create complex queries without having to learn a query language.

Insight respects the security credentials for all enterprise content and ensures that Insight users can only search and retrieve information from systems and repositories they are authorized to access.

Automatically promote content

iManage RAVN Insight automatically promotes relevant content. It learns from previous searches and becomes aware of your interests then automatically suggests relevant content based on your criteria. Content that has been scored, graded, linked or accessed frequently is also automatically promoted by the system in subsequent searches. Users with the relevant permissions can “boost” the relevancy of certain documents or topics globally of specific users or groups.

Build and leverage internal communities of information and experts

iManage RAVN Knowledge Graph™ uses social criteria and the strength of connections to automatically identify hidden experts and expertise in the organization. Knowledge Graph™ visually illustrates how each person is connected to various areas of interest as well as the many inter-relationships between clients, content and staff. With a single click, professionals can see all projects and documents a person of interest has engaged with, find people with desired areas of expertise and keep up with new information related to their areas of interest with real-time activity updates and alerts.

iManage RAVN Insight creates a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and information sharing by bringing “socially curated” content to the organization.

Drive user adoption with innovative user experience

Knowledge Graph™ analyzes underlying
connections between people and content to
identify experts within the organization.

iManage RAVN Insight offers a consistent easy-to-use experience across desktop and mobile devices. Based on the award-winning iManage Work user interface, Insight leverages common UI and internet metaphors that enables users to quickly learn the software and stay productive on the go. A client-centric dashboard displays your organization’s knowledge content and quickly identifies the status of projects, pinpoints staff who have worked on them, view relevant news feed updates as well as your commercial relationship with clients.

Increase ROI and reduce costs with seamless iManage Work Product Management Platform integration

iManage RAVN Insight leverages the same iManage RAVN search index used by other iManage products including Work, Extract, Security Policy Manager and Records Manager. This shared, integrated platform includes advanced functionality that auto classifies content and performs clause-level searching, enhances search result consistency and respects content security policies.

A robust API framework enables organizations to extend existing search solutions, build new knowledge management applications, connect to custom data sources and integrate with third-party applications.

Insight has been used to develop KM applications for a wide variety of industries including Legal, Financial and Media Services.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage RAVN Insight is available in the iManage Cloud, the first and only cloud service to bring proven technology relied upon by Internet leaders such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to the legal/professional community for document and email management.

Cloud users benefit with continuous upgrades, zero downtime for maintenance, extensive scalability and sustainable performance from anywhere, integrated analytics to intelligently monitor and protect all data from unauthorized or malicious access, and data encryption for data at rest and in motion using customer managed encryption keys.

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  • Quickly find and access relevant information across internal and external systems: Robust connector framework simplifies enterprise data integration while visual dashboard automatically organizes search results into thematic categories that can be quickly reviewed and refined
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing: Easily identify relationships, harness hidden knowledge and expertise throughout the organization with Knowledge Graph™
  • Secure search-consistent results: Leverage a single shared index, for consistent search results that respects security, and lower operating cost
  • Build powerful knowledge management applications: Create dashboards, integrate content, search and AI to achieve your vision


Document + Email Management

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

  • iManage Extract: Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets
  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis
  • iManage Classify: Intelligent categorization of large volumes of business data

Security + Information Governance