iManage RAVN Extract

Unlock the full value of documents and unstructured data

Law firm associates and junior bankers often spend countless hours rifling through agreements to locate data needed for transactional documents, analysis, and due dillgence. This manual, labor-intensive effort is very expensive, time consuming, prone to errors, and impacts overall company competitiveness.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning can help organizations automate this time-consuming work, enabling them to review documents more quickly, at a lower cost, improving accuracy, and ultimately deliver great work.

iManage RAVN Extract, powered by RAVN AI technology, automatically reads, extracts, and interprets critical business information from large volumes of documents by identifying the structure of a document then using out-of-the-box or self-trained extractors to accurately find and extract specific terms or clauses. Extract can help organizations reduce manual labor costs by up to 50%, access the value locked inside their documents, and turn their working expenses into profit centers.

Automatically read, analyze and interpret data from large volumes of documents
and datasets, unlocking the full value of your organization’s content.

Get more value out of your organization’s data

  • Pre-defined out-of-the-box extractors for contracts and a variety of document types, such as contracts and leases, and automatically identify and extract relevant data in a seamless user interface.

  • Self-training enables users to train iManage Extract to extract content from industry or company-specific documents datasets rapidly without relying on specialized data scientists.
  • Manage and re-use extractors between projects: Create and reuse extractors across multiple projects throughout the enterprise. Develop new departmental solutions quickly and at a lower cost, increasing the ability to adapt to new opportunities.

Quickly transform projects from chaos to organized review in less time

Extract can remove the chaos and organize large document sets into specific categories or clusters to expedite the review process. A role-based security model enables sophisticated users to see all functionality, while reviewers stay productive with a simplified view. Extract enables organizations to implement better project scoping, pricing, resource planning, and best practices for review processes.

Improve accuracy and find relevant information faster

iManage RAVN Extract pinpoints relevant data with greater accuracy in less time. Using advanced extraction capabilities, it quickly interprets the structure of large, complex documents, including clauses and sub clauses of agreements, key definitions from contracts, and tabular information contained in financial documents.

Extracted data can be integrated into third-party contract or collateral management systems, or simply be provided as an Excel or XML output for further analysis. Extract uses input from the use of the system to continuously improve extraction accuracy.

Enhanced user experience makes you more productive

  • Dynamic event notification keeps you informed during the process, reduces the need for training and improves user adoption across project teams within the organization.
  • Bulk tagging quickly provides structure in the review process, and work can be delegated more efficiently in project teams.
  • Preview capabilities pin-point relevant information in a document format that looks like the original.
  • In-context review and preview of extracted terms allows reviewing teams to further validate the data in context of the original agreement, allowing them to implement projects faster and improve review accuracy.

Reduce cost of ownership, enhance IT agility

Like all iManage RAVN applications, Extract leverages the single iManage RAVN AI engine and search index and provides advanced integration between iManage applications. Organizations can seamlessly upgrade to future capabilities of Extract with minimal downtime or inconvenience.

An open API enables automation of tasks such as exporting of extracted data into other reporting formats for quick integration with an organization’s existing systems.

iManage RAVN Extract quickly cuts through the chaos with Unsupervised Machine Learning
to cluster unknown documents in similar stacks.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud or on-premises

iManage RAVN Extract is available in the iManage Cloud.

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  • Shrink project costs: Save 50% or more in manual labor cost by automating data extraction from large documents and data sets
  • Save time: Build solutions faster, streamline review processes and complete projects in less time with out-of-the box and self-trained extractors and reuse of previous models across multiple projects
  • Increase productivity: Unlock knowledge from large document data sets quickly by filtering search results based on metadata.
  • Improve review accuracy: Eliminate human errors caused by inconsistent decisions applied by different personnel
  • Execute large projects without sacrificing security: Ensure that only relevant team members have access to critical project information with user-based security model


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