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Drive user adoption with iManage Drive

Today’s busy professionals demand ease of use software or they will not adopt. They do not have time to learn cumbersome software applications or spend hours in training. Instead, they demand applications that conform to established UI paradigms such as Internet shopping and adapt to their evolving work styles.

In an effort to streamline operating costs, enforce security standards and improve overall efficiency, many organizations, implement software solutions as way to mitigate these risks. They often face resistance from within the organization because these solutions are difficult to use, impedes the user’s workflow and reduce productivity.

iManage Drive addresses these challenges by bringing the comprehensive functionality and security of a Document and Email Management system (DMS) to the organization without burdening or impeding the user’s existing workflow. With iManage Drive, professionals can access and manage their iManage Work Workspaces, documents and files from a familiar Windows Explorer or Mac Finder interface. There is no complicated software to learn, and users can get up to speed quickly. By implementing iManage Drive, corporations can drive user adoption and truly make the document system for everyone within the organization.

Easily view and navigate contents of your iManage Work Workspace
without compromising disc space

Access documents and files without compromising disc space

iManage Drive allows you to manage and access content in your iManage Workspaces from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Once installed, users can sync their local iManage Drive with their iManage Work to view and navigate documents and files. Synced files are indicated by a cloud icon and can only be viewed within iManage Drive when online.

When synching, only metadata information is downloaded. This allows professionals to utilize iManage Drive to quickly browse all Workspaces, folders, subfolders and files without downloading actual content to their local machine. To download the file and bring the document to your local machine for off-line access, simply right click on the file and select the download option. Downloaded files are indicated by a green check mark.

iManage Drive puts users in control and let them decide what information they want to download to their local machine – Thus saving valuable disc space.

Work securely anywhere regardless of bandwidth constraints

iManage Drive keeps users productive in low, high or no bandwidth scenarios. In connected mode, users can navigate, manage and access files without downloading content to their local machine. Offline mode allows professionals to view and make changes to files downloaded to their local machine without the need for an Internet connection. File updates are saved to the local machine, and once connected to the Internet, are seamless synced back to the server.

Whether working in connected or off-line mode, iManage Drive ensures that your data is secure. A comprehensive encryption framework encrypts all facet of your content including the file store, metadata database and filename.

Perfect for road warriors or remote employees, iManage Drive improves user adoption and professionals can confidently work the way they want to work knowing that their data is fully accessible and secure.

Leverage advance functionality of Windows Explorer and Mac Finder

With iManage Drive, professionals can leverage all native functionality of Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. Power Users can easily work with linked documents, leverage Windows and Mac preview, perform bulk operations such as zipping, renaming and deleting files and use third-party applications not integrated with iManage Work. iManage Drive offers deep integration with the Internet. Users can upload or download files or links from any web location including company Internet or Intranet sites. Files can be saved directly into iManage Work.

Deploy in the iManage Cloud

iManage Drive is available in the iManage Cloud, the first and only cloud service to bring proven technology relied upon by Internet leaders such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to the professional community for document and email management.

Cloud users benefit with continuous upgrades, zero downtime for maintenance, extensive scalability and sustainable performance from anywhere, integrated analytics to intelligently monitor and protect all data from unauthorized or malicious access, and data encryption for data at rest and in motion using customer managed encryption keys.

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  • Increase user adoption with zero learning curve: Easily view, access and update iManage Work files and documents from the familiar Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. No complicated DMS software to learn.
  • Comprehensive security keeps data secure: iManage Drive security framework encrypts all facets of your content, including filestore, metadata database and filename.
  • Improve organization efficiency: Leverage advance functionality of Windows Explorer and Mac Finder to quickly work with linked documents, perform bulk operations and upload or download documents and links from any web location.
  • Work anywhere: Synchronizing content to a local drive lets professionals have the same iManage Work experience whether inside or outside the office.



Document + Email Management

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

  • iManage Extract: Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets
  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis
  • iManage Classify: Intelligent categorization of large volumes of business data

Security + Information Governance