iManage and Workshare

Proactive, policy-based security from two industry leaders

iManage and Workshare are coming together to provide the legal enterprise with a new approach to protecting client data. Law firms can now get the first proactive, policy-based solution for document and email security.

Security across the legal enterprise

Be proactive with data security – make iManage and Workshare part of your data loss prevention strategy.

Designed to accurately identify areas of high-risk threat, and to reduce exposure to high-cost data loss, you can be confident of meeting outside counsel guidelines and client audit.

Data loss prevention and risk management

This new integration allows the Legal CISO to reduce data loss around the reviewing and sharing of legal work product across any platform, including email, based on their firm’s policies and specific client requirements.

Policy-driven protection and reporting is applied across the document lifecycle and IT infrastructure. Together iManage and Workshare ensure matter files are always protected and the threat of data loss is reduced.

Combine the power of Workshare Secure with iManage

Policy-driven security and data protection

First and only policy-driven document and email security solution

  • Take control of your email and attachment security
  • Secure email attachments and work product based on centralized security policies

Proactively prevent data loss across the Legal Enterprise

  • Scan and protect email attachments with Workshare Protect based on policies defined in iManage Security Policy Manager
  • Stop email attachments and matter files going to unintended or unauthorized people
  • Take advantage of powerful metadata cleaning to scrub content before it’s shared
  • Data is governed and restricted to limit accidental data loss and malicious theft

Simplify complex administration and application processes

Risk detection and threat management

Integrated security event reporting from Workshare to iManage

  • Get threat detection across all channels for comprehensive security
  • Leverage Workshare Secure email logs for risk detection across the mail flow
  • Incorporate email activity into iManage Threat Manager analytics

Accurately identify and investigate potential threats

  • Identify anomalous sharing patterns and behaviors over email and the DMS
  • Quickly and accurately identify potential “bad actors” operating inside or outside the enterprise
  • Limit data loss by automatically detecting and disabling an account that exhibits malicious behavior


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Your powerful security partners

  • 2 market-leaders have come together to address security for the Legal Enterprise around data loss prevention and risk reporting on the work product
  • Comply with client audits, regulation and outside counsel guidelines on data management and control
  • A pre-integrated document and email security solution means avoiding multiple release deployments and integration issues, while getting complete security
  • Easy to deploy, support and integrate – available in the cloud or on premises
  • 24/7 continuous threat protection and customer support from iManage and Workshare
  • With policy-driven security, the software provides flexibility. Inform or block activity according to thresholds set for what is allowed or expressly prohibited
  • Get transparency and reduce risk of exposure from accidental or malicious activity inside or outside the firm
  • A modern intuitive user experience. A responsive interface easily managed and reviewed on computer, tablet or phone


Document + Email Management

RAVN Artificial Intelligence

  • iManage Extract: Automatic extraction of critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data sets
  • iManage Insight: Enterprise content search and analysis
  • iManage Classify: Intelligent categorization of large volumes of business data

Security + Information Governance