Your job is hard. Here are 8 ways to make it easier.

Products are using connectivity and cutting-edge AI to simplify our lives. Imaginary assistants on our phones now tell us everything–from how to get to work to the best recipe for avocado toast. At iManage, it confounds us that the same transition hasn’t made it into the office, where frustrating file search results and cumbersome email attachments have been the norm. It shouldn’t take a degree in rocket science to manage your work!

We want to bring the same simplicity the modern cloud and cutting-edge AI brings to our connected devices into the workplace. So, we designed iManage Work 10, based on input from hundreds of professionals to help make your work easier and you work smarter:

See Work 10 in action (2 Mins)

  1. Increased Productivity: Suggested email filing keeps you organized and ahead of inbox overload
  2. Make Better Decisions: Document timelines, dashboards, and analytics cut through the clutter enabling faster, better decisions
  3. Find Everything Anywhere: Your searches across work products (documents, emails, images) automatically tune themselves to your work habits and style
  4. Be More Responsive:  Secure worldwide access removes roadblocks, so you can respond to work situations wherever they happen
  5. Smarter Workflows: Seamless integration with the applications you’re already using saves time and clicks
  6. Increase adoption: User designed workflows, navigation, and contextual help allow fast onboarding of new users
  7. Enhance Security: Organization policies govern audited document access and sharing with delegated authorization
  8. Work from anywhere:  Mobile first design, in a single user experience on phone, tablet, and laptop, makes it easy to turn idle time into effective worktime

These are only eight of the ways that iManage makes your work life easier. Learn more about smarter document and email management or contact us to have an iManage expert talk to you about up-leveling the way you work.