Secure Cloud-Based Document Management Solutions for Financial Services

Organizations providing financial services need a web-based document management system that corporate bankers, insurance brokers, and fund managers can rely on to support their productivity while simultaneously protecting the sensitive nature of the data they handle. In addition, with data generation sharply increasing, there’s no room for human error caused by misfiling, duplicate work, or lost paperwork.

iManage has successfully streamlined the manner in which data is collected, stored, and accessed through secure document sharing software designed for the financial services industry. This cloud-based collaboration software both reduces costs and relieves financial services institutions of the risks involved in cumbersome manual processes.

By switching to secure file sharing for financial services and banking institutions that are cloud-based, professionals are able to be more responsive and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase client service: With the ability to work collaboratively via mobile devices anywhere and anytime, professionals are more readily able to respond to client requests.
  • Improve meaningful insights: Strong search and knowledge management capabilities mean you’re able to unlock your data quickly and effectively when you need it, leading to greater insights from the information that’s now always at your fingertips.
  • Bolster security and governance: With electronic files stored either in the cloud or on premise, access to data is secure and in full compliance with all governance and policy regulations.
  • Increase productivity: By integrating emails, documents and related work product in an electronic workspace that’s remotely accessible, your office goes wherever you go.
  • Make the digital switch: Eliminate lost paperwork while reducing your company’s carbon footprint by making the switch to a paperless office.

Cloud-Based Collaboration for Financial Services Firms

Why burden your IT staff with setting up a cloud-based solution that will take them away from their core responsibilities and make you wait for a lengthy period of time for a positive ROI? Instead, with iManage Cloud services, you get a comprehensive, industry-leading work product management system that’s scalable — with immediate archiving capabilities and full disaster recovery service.

It’s clear: Secure document sharing for the financial services industry isn’t a luxury — it’s a must. This is why working with iManage Cloud makes so much sense.

iManage is already in use in over 3,000 organizations worldwide and trusted by more than one million professionals. This impressive track record demonstrates that you don’t have to worry about the implementation process or switch to digital. With a short turnaround time, you experience a positive ROI and fully supported implementation, all without overtaxing your IT personnel.

Global Access — iManage Cloud Is Where You Do Business

If you have offices in multiple locations, you need to comply with the information governance requirements of the regions where you do business. That’s why you need a cloud-based solution that has the well-supported reach and stability you need while allowing for a mix of on-premise and remote storage of your data when regulations demand it. iManage is precisely this type of cloud services provider with data centers serving the needs of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America.

This reach allows you to store your data in the region that’s best for you and offers the added confidence that iManage Cloud offers continuous delivery of service with no single points of failure across any data center. That means there are no disruptions to your work — so you can close deals whenever you choose.

Further Benefits of iManage Cloud

Beyond easy implementation, full technical support and flexibility to maintain data sovereignty, iManage Cloud offers several performance-related benefits to financial services, banking, and insurance organizations.

  • Scalable service: Need more storage or functions? No problem. iManage Cloud is always scalable and ready to support your business needs.
  • Fully integrated functionality: Say goodbye to multiple platforms and vendors. With iManage, you have a fully integrated document management, storage and file sharing solution from one vendor that supports the secure collaborative work environment your company needs to accomplish its objectives in a timely nature.
  • Enhanced data security: With the iManage suite of security tools, you can manage and monitor your data’s access and use, as well as protect it from malicious internal or external attacks.
  • Responsive administration: One simple, responsive interface is all you need to oversee all of your deployments. It’s fast, unified and easy-to-use.

Security and Performance with iManage Cloud

Protect your data while getting more out of it with iManage Cloud document sharing software for financial service firms. Learn about its many possibilities. Contact us today, or schedule a demo now.