Transforming How Work is Done

What Information Security Professionals Need to Know about Document Management Systems

It’s a well-known fact that law firms are prime targets for cyber security attacks. With high profile breaches at prestigious law firms making headlines globally, it’s no surprise that law firms and professional services firms face tremendous pressure from clients and internal stakeholders to improve their security posture. To address this challenge, several law firms

Modern Business Intake Technology Accelerates Cash Flow

Simply put, faster workflows lead to faster cash flow. With modern technology, your law firm can accelerate cash flow and increase profitability through the use of automated systems that improve workflows, while creating higher business intelligence. This allows your firm to use attorneys’ and staff’s time better, and it enables an overall quicker delivery of

How Modern Business Intake Technology Transforms Workflow, Reduces Costs, and Enhances Profitability

From the very beginning of a client relationship, law firms want to deliver high value services. However, an old-fashioned business intake process slows down the onboarding of new accounts, or the expansion of a relationship with a current client. This happens because outdated systems require hours of manual data entry. They also allow disconnected inquiries

Reinforcement Learning Comes Closest to AI Self-Learning – Unravelling the Labyrinth of AI Myths

Discover our AI blog series that debunks misconceptions about the brain power of AI. This is the third blog in the series, but you can also read “AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Share Genetic DNA, but Are No Clones” and “AI Does Not Learn by Itself.” In the previous blog, we addressed supervised and