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3 Ways Legal Departments Can Benefit from Modern Document Management

Many legal departments have begun using document management systems to better manage their rising volume of digital documents. However, these solutions traditionally haven’t been designed to support their unique requirements for such information. In fact, there’s been a growing understanding among legal departments that document management is unable to meet their requirements for: Workflow Collaboration

3 Ways Law Departments Can Improve Business Processes with Document Management Systems

According to the “12th Annual Law Department Operations Survey,” released last month, business process improvement is the leading current and expected challenge for corporate legal departments, followed closely by the need to stay abreast of law department technology. The survey produced by the Blickstein Group is created via an advisory board consisting of law department

What’s the Rationale for Your Technology Project?

There are typically one or several underlying reasons why organizations invest in and roll out new technology. Among these reasons could be typical business drivers such as increasing revenue, controlling costs, improving client responsiveness, or enabling worker mobility. The project rationale could stem from a single compelling event. For instance, an infamous data breach occurs