OCR Reborn with iManage Work 9.4

When iManage became an independent company just over a year ago, we spent hundreds of hours talking to our customers, getting their feedback about what was working and what wasn’t with our Work Product Management products. During these conversations, we learned that there were a few areas where we needed to “Strengthen our Core”. OCR was one of those components.

Customers told us that up to 10-20% of their files were not searchable because they consisted of images and text that could be not processed by search engines. So, we took it upon ourselves to develop a replacement technology that would meet industry standards and customer expectations.

We spent countless engineering hours re-architecting the OCR engine from scratch.

The new OCR engine leverages the MSH (“Micro Service Hub”) that was designed to handle long-running document transformation tasks. This is the same MSH that is used by project White Rabbit and powers the document preview experience within the next-generation client applications of iManage Work 9.4.

Before we made the OCR module generally available, we had to ensure that the new architecture and quality lived up to customer expectations. The team embarked on multiple rounds of alpha and beta validation in collaboration with key customers to produce an OCR module that provided high accuracy and much improved quality in terms of overlaying the text on images in PDFs. I would like to take the opportunity to say “Thank You” to the many customers who put in the time and effort to make this a combined success.

Just like we lived up to our promise to “Strengthen the Core” with email management, we feel OCR is another component we can strike off that list. The module is now available for customers with an OCR license using iManage Work 9.4.