Mobility – Its Just Not for Road Warriors Anymore

Be honest. When you think about mobile professionals, the first image that comes to mind is the road warrior, armed with a laptop or iPad and a suitcase that fits in the overhead bin. But for the vast majority of today’s legal professionals, mobility is more about being able to work untethered within their own office space than on the road.

Professionals value the ability to move between conference rooms in various buildings or floors of their office, yet still have access to all of their documents and print at the nearest convenient location. And the vast majority of attorneys today are using iOS devices in their day-to-day work. According to the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2015 technology survey, of the firms that purchase phones for their attorneys, 91 percent are buying iPhones. And 81 percent of law firms that purchase tablets are buying iPads, with 89 percent of attorneys reporting that they use tablets in their day-to-day work.

Tablets, like the iPad, are changing the way attorneys work. They can be used to scan documents, and in many cases are even replacing the iconic yellow legal pad for note taking because its more efficient than having to transcribe handwritten scribbles into a digital document.

While all these new capabilities are great time-savers, attorneys still found themselves frustrated with using tablets and smartphones for a fundamental aspect of their job: drafting, reviewing and editing documents. It has always been a multi-step process, requiring attorneys to resort to third-party apps through which they could edit documents. But these apps are often fraught with problems. They can cause unintended formatting changes, including broken table of contents, mismatched fonts and issues with graphics. And, because users have to save additional copies of documents, there is always the risk of version confusion.

Now, though, iManage customers can avoid all of these hassles and problems. We recently introduced enhancements to our Mobility Module for iManage Work, providing seamless integration between our work product management suite and Microsoft Office 365 on iOS devices. Attorneys can easily edit documents in native Office applications – like Word, Excel and PowerPoint – on their iPads and iPhones, and then file in the right folders in iManage Work and share with colleagues and clients using iManage Share.

The response to our mobile solutions has been incredible. Law firm CIOs who we’ve met with are anxious to implement the latest upgrades for mobile document editing because they know how difficult is has been in the past for their attorneys.

If you want more details about how the enhancements to our mobility module can simplify document editing in your office, click here. Current licensed iManage customers can download iManage Mobility 2.9 from iTunes.