It all starts with listening

The response to this event was heartwarming. With barely 20 days’ notice, we expected no more than 20 CIOs to be in a position to join us. Instead, 34 CIOs and other top executives from some of the most prestigious global law firms came – they cancelled meetings, skipped vacations, altered plans, and arrived at our headquarters. Their leadership and far-reaching vision spurred some of the most powerful, energetic discussions we’ve ever participated in.

Across the board, our guest executives – most of whom have been with us for 10 years or more – remarked that they have never seen the iManage team so fired up about the company and our opportunity, which significantly spurred their own enthusiasm.

We’re back:

What has iManage accomplished in this short time? Needless to say, our number one focus on revitalizing the core of iManage products was received with open arms. In just the seven weeks since becoming independent, we have reorganized our R&D resources into integrated teams that develop products, interfaces, documentation and tests together as a holistic process. The impact of these changes is already evident, and we were able to show attendees early versions of planned Office 16 / Windows 10 style interfaces for FileSite and DeskSite, enhancements to the Search dialog and to email management, and other improvements to be delivered in our next release.

We’re listening:

After reviewing data from over 2000 professional and supplemented by one to one conversations with attorneys at top 100 firms about how they really work, we shared the details of our year-long research on how the power user works in today’s world, and the impact of that on our product roadmap for iManage Work (code named White Rabbit). It was gratifying to see the excitement as we unveiled an early product version and its potential to transform how professional work is being done. What most impressed them?

  • Improving individual productivity, enabling easy yet secure, audited and governed sharing of documents with clients. This is a priority for many firms.
  • iManage Share for secure file sharing and the elimination of large email attachments is a potential game changer due to its tight integration with iManage Work. It includes exceptional integration with popular tools, robust audit trails and security, yet the solution will be easier to use than consumer products like Box or Dropbox or popular extranet products.
  • Automating complex tasks with intuitive interfaces is key to creating enterprise software that they all would want to use.

We’re in it for the long haul:

We explored longer-term thinking around cloud, security and analytics, producing both lively discussion and new insights. These CIOs validated the advantages of a hybrid cloud architecture, allowing storage of work product both in the cloud and on premises. We also heard about the importance of delivering full functionality in good bandwidth, poor bandwidth and especially no bandwidth environments.