iManage Strengthens the Core with iManage Control Center

When we set out to reimagine our flagship product, iManage Work, we had two main goals: raise the bar and strengthen the core.

The release of iManage Work 9.4 raised the bar by translating end-user desires into a user experience unlike anything else on the market, with powerful features that save time, alert users to important changes in their files, and streamline getting work done.

In a series of releases over the past year, we continue to strengthen our core. iManage Control Center, which is compatible with iManage Work 9.5 and higher, and works with either on-premises implementations or in the iManage Cloud is another example of this.

iManage Control Center delivers a powerful new administration and monitoring module that simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of iManage environments, and allows customers to do more with out-of-the-box tools.

For a case in point, let’s look at security. Having the ability to disseminate responsibility for administration without compromising security is critical. iManage Control Center provides the ability to assign key admin responsibilities through its Role-Based Administration functionality.

Help Desk Agents, for example, can assist users with minor tasks like dealing with checked out documents and validating access. Meanwhile, System Administrators may have full oversight of the system without having access to all of the content.

Out of the box, iManage Control Center provides a set of standard reports, such as a checked-out document report, and user activity reports. A longer-term goal is to provide a report builder capability which will allow for the creation of custom reports. The pluggable interface of iManage Control Center allows for additional applications to introduce more components, such as the iManage Threat Manager that were demonstrated by the iManage Labs team. The interface also allows 3rd parties who have built custom dashboards to plug-into Control Center making it the central console for anything iManage.

Beyond security and reporting, iManage Control Center also provides built-in tools for user, group, and metadata management. Previously, administrators needed access to the actual physical server to perform these tasks. Now, they can use iManage Control Center’s web-based console to perform these key administrative functions.

Another area where our users have asked for more out-of-the-box functionality is around management of engagement structure — and iManage Control Center delivers with its Flexible Folders feature. This new feature provides users flexibility in creating folders while maintaining the firm’s defined structure — balancing the need for an engagement structure with the need to not overwhelm users with too many folder choices. iManage Control Center Flexible Folders feature is compatible with iManage Work 8.5 and 9.x client applications like DeskSite and FileSite.

Providing all this functionality to our customers natively — through iManage Control Center — does more than just strengthen the core of our offering, it helps our customers reduce complexity in their iManage ecosystem.

In that sense, we’re evolving the ownership experience. There are more exciting developments on the way, so stay tuned for further evolution in the months to come…