Friday Lunch Club – RAVN’s top 10 lunch hotspots in the Silicon Roundabout

After a hard week of knuckling down building state of the art enterprise search solutions there’s nothing RAVN like more that to have a nice relaxing sit down meal in the trendy Old Street area. It’s important we line our stomachs for Beer O’clock later that day!

We’ve put together a run down of our top 10 favourite Friday Lunch Club destinations (in no particular order):

Meat MissionMeat Mission – we’d heard the hype about Meat Mission as being a trendy Hoxton Square burger bar where you couldn’t book, meaning you had to join the back of the queue to wait for a table. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about so we gave it a go! We got there for 12.30 and there was no problem getting a table, although it did seem to fill up quickly. The menu looked impressive with a range of burgers and hot dogs with delicious toppings. Their signature hippy fries caught our eye so we made sure to order a few portions of these on the side. We have to agree Meat Mission certainly lived up to the hype – their burgers, served rare, some of the best we’d ever tasted. We’d definitely mission back to this restaurant!

The Artillery Arms – described as a “gem in the heart of the city” we love going to the traditional Artillery Arms. It has a separate dining area above the bar, which is kitted out for both large and small groups. We certainly recommend the lamb shank and the slow cooked short-rib chilli.

The Eagle – a short stumbling distance from the RAVN office, this is definitely one of our favourites for pub grub. We love eating here, especially in the summer with their beer garden out the back. This pub is best known for being mentioned in the well known nursery rhyme “Up and down the City Road, in and out The Eagle…”. They do a lovely pork and chorizo burger as well as home made southern fried chicken and coleslaw, not to mention the range of continental beers and lagers. There certainly won’t be a lot of work done after a visit here!


Busaba – a lovely Thai restaurant on Old Street that’s ideal for large groups. We were dubious as it was a small chain but they definitely stand out from the crowd with their menu. They serve some of the best calamari – spicy with a light batter, a fantastic pan-thai noodles with a twist and we would definitely recommend the citrus iced tea.

The 3 Crowns – when we’re looking for something a little more refined than traditional pub grub we always make our way to The 3 Crowns pub and have a two or even three course meal as they usually have a lunch deal on. The menu changes regularly but we can tell you the potted mustard pork and braised beef dishes are outstanding. You are able to see the chef preparing the dishes with fresh ingredients. The staff are really friendly and the service is always prompt.

The Old Fountain – another of our favourite pubs in the area! We recommend coming here and making use of their new roof terrace – even if it’s a little cold they have plenty of patio heaters to keep you warm. It’s a family run pub a short walk from Old Street roundabout. They have an award winning beer selection as well as a stunning beef carpaccio, great burgers but our favourite dish has to be the wood pigeon.

Cay Tre

Cay Tre – this area of London is known for some great Vietnamese restaurants and we’re lucky to be walking distance from one of the finest. It certainly does get busy here but the staff will do their best to find you a seat as quickly as they can. Some of us RAVN’s have been to Vietnam and we definitely thought Cay Tre was authentic – very fresh and not at all greasy. They have a reasonable lunch menu where you can get a good deal for a starter and a main. We recommend the spring and summer rolls and if you fancy trying something slightly different try the mushroom hotpot – they bring it lit to your table.

Narrow Boat

The Narrow Boat – when we feel like getting away from the busier areas of Old Street this little pub is right on Regents Canal and has stunning views. They do a great beer battered haddock and the sausage rolls and scotch eggs are great to snack on. They have a great little outdoor balcony too if the weather’s nice!

George and Vulture

The George and Vulture – a cosy pub specialising in delicious fresh sourdough pizza’s in their pizza oven. They have a great offer on Monday’s with two for one for a pizza and bottled beer. They also have a great range of seasonal ales. The George and Vulture have teamed up with Sodo Pizza so if you’re not in the Old Street area then give one of their other pubs a go and let us know what it’s like!


The Commissary – a well-hidden gem – you go through a studio and have to be buzzed through to get in! Our favourite spot to eat when it’s sunny as the tables are set out on the dock over the water on Regents Canal. We all know it’s difficult to get a table outside when the weather’s great but this place is off the beaten track so you’re sure to find a spot. They do the usual pub grub along with great chicken and chorizo salads. If you head here during the evening they have live bands and exhibitions!

We’ve given you some of our favourite places we like to go for a relaxing sit down Friday lunch but if you’d rather grab something on the go then check out Whitecross Street Food Market. They have stalls from all over the world and great for lunch on a budget. Our favourite is the falafel stand near the Waitrose end of the market.

Maybe you think we should check out one of your favourite restaurants in the Old Street area? We hope to do a follow up blog of YOUR favourite restaurants so please comment below and we’ll aim to check them out!