De Grandpré Chait Increases Lawyer Productivity Time Through iManage Share

Written by Ben Di Marco, Chief Information Officer, De Grandpré Chait

As is common with growing law firms around the globe, the lawyers at De Grandpré Chait have become more tech savvy and independent – less reliant on IT. They also expect to access their information anywhere, anytime, from any device – but at the same time, as the CIO, I need to constantly ensure that systems and client data are safe and secure.

To give some background on the needs we had and how we are benefiting from using iManage Share, I would like to share our story and give some insights on how we have increased lawyer efficiency and productivity while also increasing client satisfaction.

It started back in early 2015, when our team of lawyers were working on a large litigation case and needed an effective and secure way to collaborate with co-counsel and clients. We were in search of a solution that would easily integrate with our existing Work Product Management tool, eliminating the need for our users to learn a new document sharing system. We considered Dropbox, but opted against it because of concerns about security and maintaining confidentiality of client files, and ultimately made the decision to purchase iManage Share in May 2015 and within just two days had it up and running.

iManage Share gives us a clear competitive advantage. By enabling our attorneys to be more productive and efficient, we are improving client satisfaction, while meeting their demands for security and confidentiality. Because iManage Share is intuitive to use, and integrates seamlessly with iManage Work, we’ve been able to reduce management overhead and our total cost of ownership for our Work Product Management system.

Our attorneys are saving significant time, too, compared to the way they previously shared documents. In the past, they had to export each document to the desktop one at a time, copy them to a USB key and then send it to the client. iManage Share enables users to now simply drag and drop files to shared cloud workspaces or it automatically suggests when to send large attachments as a secure sharing link to reduce load on email infrastructure.

Since implementation, we went from storing content for a single matter to storing content for over 600 matters – and in total iManage Share is now managing about 40GB of content. Overall, our firm is saving an estimated one minute on six documents shared per day. With over 70 attorneys, that adds up to a significant savings every month.

I know there are a lot of growing law firms out there facing the same challenges we did, so I wanted to share our insights and story here. Ultimately, by working with our attorneys, instead of being resistant to the new generation – we are now able to make them more efficient and productive and that results in a happier client base.