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End Users Have Developed New Tech Muscles Over the Past Year – And Enterprise Tech Should Take Note

While the emergence of COVID-19 vaccines at the end of 2020 offered a literal and figurative shot in the arm to a weary public battling pandemic fatigue, a rapid return to what we’ve known as “business as usual” remains unlikely, even after vaccines are fully rolled out. The UK, for example, has ushered in the

Make it easy and you’ll Drive smart, productive and secure work

It’s a universal truth when deploying a new tool or process, regardless of industry, topic or the nature of the work, that success will ultimately lie in user adoption. It’s no different when knowledge leaders are implementing security, compliance, retention policies and good document processes. If people encounter resistance or friction in getting their tasks

How One Boutique Law Firm is Leveraging Modern Cloud Architecture to Provide Best-in-Class Services with a Personalized Client Experience

“With iManage, we can provide a level of service that allows us to compete with any major traditional firm.” – Michael Rosenblum, Founding Partner and Principal, Sub Rosa Law The founding partners of Sub Rosa Law – a recently founded boutique law firm based in Miami, Florida that provides an international client base with specialized