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Solving bandwidth and latency problems in Document Management Systems using distributed environments with Enterprise Search

The Problem Large, geographically diverse organisations are very likely to have document content located around several different locations. Often it is housed in a distributed Document Management System (DMS), and just as often housed on shared drives in local offices. This situation can become problematic if the employees in these organisations are expected to access,

RAVN’s Event on Enhancing the Value of Microsoft SharePoint in the Legal Sector

RAVN Systems, experts in Enterprise Search, Unstructured Big Data analytics and Knowledge Management solutions, recently held an event on enhancing the value of Microsoft SharePoint in the Legal Sector. Around 50 delegates attended from various international legal organisations. The first informative session opened with Gina Jennings, Director at Outer Circle on the subject of challenges

PowerShell Type Accelerators – shortcuts to .NET classes

Type Accelerators are a great PowerShell feature that allows shortcuts to .NET classes. When writing .NET code, once a namespace is imported with the ‘using’ directive, types in that namespace can be used without referencing the namespace itself: [csharp]using System.Collections.Generic; List l = new List(); // Instead of: System.Collections.Generic.List l = new System.Collections.Generic.List();[/csharp] However, it’s