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Modern Business Intake Technology Accelerates Cash Flow

Simply put, faster workflows lead to faster cash flow. With modern technology, your law firm can accelerate cash flow and increase profitability through the use of automated systems that improve workflows, while creating higher business intelligence. This allows your firm to use attorneys’ and staff’s time better, and it enables an overall quicker delivery of

How Modern Business Intake Technology Transforms Workflow, Reduces Costs, and Enhances Profitability

From the very beginning of a client relationship, law firms want to deliver high value services. However, an old-fashioned business intake process slows down the onboarding of new accounts, or the expansion of a relationship with a current client. This happens because outdated systems require hours of manual data entry. They also allow disconnected inquiries

3 Ways AI Will Impact Legal Departments and How Your Firm Can Benefit

While many legal departments are adopting advanced technologies in their operations, including matter management and increasingly sophisticated document and email management, few today have taken advantage of AI technology directly. The significant benefits expected from AI in legal departments range from reduced costs for cognitive task automation to enhanced attorney productivity, better contract management and