Artificial Intelligence for Law Firms – the Low-Down

ravn-man-robotRAVN & ILTA collaborated to run a successful AI for Law Firms Conference in March, with over 100 attendees from top 200 law firms as well as major consultancy and other firms.

Today, law firms are holding vast volumes of information containing their learned know-how and experience, as well as client data. Lawyers must be able to leverage this experience from documents for competitive and efficiency reasons, and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to extract and interpret relevant information leads to further differentiation firms and can dramatically improve the margin on client instructions.

Firms often face tedious manual processes that can be inefficient and costly, eating into precious margins – particularly in the modern era of fixed price engagements. What’s more, these processes may carry risk due to inconsistencies and incorrect data used due to human error.

This event showcased how AI can overcome these obstacles and ensure firms are getting the most out of AI innovations.

If you missed this event see the run-down of what happened in these presentation recordings:


Introduction & Welcome
Peter Wallqvist, CEO at RAVN Systems
Tony McKenna, Council Member at ILTA UK


Musings on Artificial Intelligence
Neil Cameron, Managing Director at Neil Cameron Consulting Group (NCCG)

Neil discusses the origins of AI, and considers the meanings of the terms ‘artificial’ and intelligent’ in the context of the ‘Turing Test’ and the ‘Imitation Game’. Neil reviews recent developments in the use of heuristic programming in popular culture, and concludes with other observations on the current use of AI in the legal industry and where it might be heading.


Three AI Stories To Get You Thinking
Hugh Abbott, Practice Lead at B2E Consulting

Hugh covers three stories to get you thinking about artificial intelligence and return on investment (ROI). Does AI really deliver ROI? What kind of ROI should you expect?


The Only Thing To Fear is Doing Nothing: How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Law Firms?
Jan Van Hoecke, CTO at RAVN Systems

Jan demystifies the concept of artificial intelligence and its use in the corporate world. There has been a lot of hype around AI, and Jan explores the real applications and how it could open up new possibilities.


Case Study on RAVN ACE

Wendy Miller, Partner & Joint Head of Real Estate Disputes at BLP

Wendy presents on her experiences working with BLP’s Contract Robot, and how this has transformed processes within the Real Estate Disputes team.