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The chat bots are coming, and they’re a talkative bunch

Jack Shepherd looks into the symbiotic relationship between tech and legal services for Legal Practice Management Magazine.

Jack Shepherd
Legal Practice Lead at iManage
16 February 2023

5 Ways Law Firms are Finding Their Edge with Knowledge

How fast a firm can leverage its knowledge, make it available across the business is a competitive edge. Managing these knowledge assets, those essential documents, and emails in a secure, matter-centric repository is a great start, but what's next?

Ian Truscott
13 August 2021

Beyond AI basics – Successful AI requires time, training and learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a magic wand. But it is a pretty awesome set of tools.

Bryan Bach
US AI University Coordinator, iManage
08 April 2020

ISDA Derivative Contract Data Extraction Using Artificial Intelligence

Today, in response to increasing regulatory requirements, banks and other participants in the OTC derivatives market need to improve their ability to manage counterparty exposures and the corresponding collateral obligations.

Rebecca Tear
11 March 2016