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Because document management is in everything that lawyers do

Cole Schotz wanted to get their primary workload into the cloud both to reduce the overall complexity of managing their IT environment and to redirect IT resources toward meeting the firm’s objectives.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
20 September 2021

iManage customers discuss "Marrying Threat analytics with usage analytics"

Aaron Rangel, Director of Product Management at iManage, recently explored with a panel of our customers how their firms use Threat Manager to protect valuable knowledge assets and client information.

James Ainsworth
Creative Content Strategist, iManage
17 September 2021

Key considerations for trusting your valuable data to the cloud

Throughout history, humans have adapted to change by embracing new technologies and tools. Moving your firm’s files and data to the cloud may be the logical next step in your journey toward a more secure future for your clients and your business.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
16 September 2021

Staying ahead of company growth may mean making a different choice about the future

An iManage customer for more than 20 years, the Home Depot legal team evaluated the major players in the document management space and decided that they just needed to upgrade to the current version of the iManage product, in the cloud.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
07 September 2021

How to drive remote workforce technology adoption

With remote working likely to be a key business challenge and a sticking point for years to come, Brian Jones, senior director of customer adoption at iManage, says firms need to drive user adoption by making a case for tech to key internal stakeholders.

Brian Jones
Senior Director, Customer Adoption, iManage
02 September 2021

iManage achieves CSA Level 2 STAR certification: What it means for our clients

Are you underestimating your risk exposure to cybercrime? Unless your organization has the resources to monitor and protect your on-premises data with the same level of vigilance as iManage, you might be.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
01 September 2021

Market disruption and the changing legal security threat landscape

Between the 2011 financial crisis and the catastrophic events of the present day, we've seen dramatic changes in technology, business practices, and behavior — compacting what might easily have been 20 years of transformation on a global scale into a 10-year window.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
30 August 2021

How can SME law firms build an infrastructure robust against cyber threats?

Ian Truscott, head of content at iManage, says modern, cloud-based document management solutions can quickly insulate law firms from many cyber risks.

Ian Truscott
Head of Content
24 August 2021

Powering a virtual or hybrid workforce in the cloud

The right time to migrate to the cloud has myriad influencing factors, of which, some are within your control, and others are beyond your control. Our customer panel share their cloud migration experience before, during and after the pivot to remote and hybrid ways of working.

James Ainsworth
Creative Content Strategist, iManage
19 August 2021
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