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Accountants lead the way in the cloud

It is no surprise that whilst the clients of accountants are at ease in the cloud, accountancy firms themselves are also reaching for the cloud in how they securely store, organise, and retrieve their documentation and email

James Ainsworth
Creative Content Strategist, iManage
15 October 2021

The power of partnership for cloud migration

Learn how accountancy firm MHA Tait Walker achieved successful migration to iManage Work in the cloud with implementation partner Ascertus.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
13 October 2021

Cloud journey: What is your strategy?

From LEXIS and WALT to AI, the legal sector has been on a 50+ year trajectory to the cloud – a move that today seems more inevitable than optional. Technology may have all the answers, but how do you know you are asking the right questions?

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
12 October 2021

Bridging the divide between secure knowledge management and user experience

Protecting knowledge work without impeding access to knowledge workers is a persistent challenge. Security teams and users can often seem to be working toward different ends. But by necessity, law firms have begun to bridge the divide.

Heidi Hanson
Content Marketing Editor
07 October 2021

Improving business continuity in the cloud

Moving to the cloud offered Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis the industry-leading uptime they needed. Learn more about their cloud journey in a video interview.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
06 October 2021

Making knowledge work in the cloud

Robbins Russell needed a document management system fit for their growing firm.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
05 October 2021

Employee Charity Spotlight: iManage software engineer Vela Shanmugam co-founder of SelfEducate

Looking to make a meaningful charitable impact, Georgia-based software engineer, Vela Shanmugam co-founded his own nonprofit to deliver the most value to the individuals and communities it serves throughout India.

Kelli Ryan
Internal Communications Manager
28 September 2021

Cloud migration proves to be a move worth making

Hirsch Roberts Weinstein needed reliability and mobility that their on-premises legacy document management system couldn't offer.

Gia Tammone
Content Marketing Editor
22 September 2021

Class of 2021: The iManage U Summer Internship program goes hybrid style!

The iManage U internship in Chicago was a great success, in the office and at home. Meet some of this year's intake as they share their experiences of hybrid working.

Alyssa Hruskocy
Talent Acquisition
21 September 2021
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